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The open-source

Machine Learning Platform

Build and run end-to-end ML pipelines effortlessly to retrain and improve your models continuously.

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$ pip install sematic
$ sematic start

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The easiest way to get started

Build arbitrarily complex end-to-end pipelines with minimalistic APIs.

Simply write native Python functions, don't worry about infrastructure and automate to keep your models fresh and relevant.

Iterate, execute, visualize, repeat. On your local machine or in the cloud, the same code runs everywhere without additional work.

Track and visualize everything

Inputs and outputs of all steps are persisted as source of truth and visualizable in the UI.

No work needed, everything is tracked, always.

Dataframes, models, configuration dataclasses, metrics, plots and figures. You name it, Sematic tracks it and displays it for you in the UI.

Rerun pipelines from the UI, from scratch or from any point. Cache results and implement fault tolerance for greater reliability.

Share and collaborate with your team

Keep the conversation close to the context, and conserve the linkage between data and decisions.

Compare metrics and visualizations from successive runs and share plots with your team to break silos and work faster.

Annotate runs with tags, leave notes to track your work, and add rich metadata to your assets.

What our customers are saying

Anurag Kanungo
Co-founder & CTO of Voxel

β€œSematic gives us unparalleled visibility into our ML pipelines (artifacts, logs, errors, source control, dependency graph, etc.) while keeping the SDK and GUI simple and intuitive.
It provides just the right level of abstraction for ML engineers to focus on business logic and leverage cloud resources without requiring infrastructure skills.
Sematic is the kind of pipelining tool used by ML teams at Uber, now available to Voxel and everyone else.”

Why Sematic?

The easiest pipelining tool on the market

Just simple Python, no infrastructure
skills needed.

Traceability, observability, reproducibility

Get rich insights into inputs, outputs, logs, errors. Rerun pipelines from the UI with cached results.

Local-to-cloud parity

Run your pipelines on your local machine or in a GPU cluster with no
change in code.

Prototype to Production ML in days not weeks

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