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Free forever
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End-to-end lineage tracking
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$ pip install sematic
$ sematic start
Fully hosted, no infrastructure needed
VPC peering to access your private cloud
Premium features: scheduling, memoization, fault tolerance, reruns
Integrations: Github, SSO, Slack, Spark, Ray, etc.
CPUs, GPUs, high-memory, EMR
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What our customers are saying

Anurag Kanungo
Co-founder & CTO of Voxel

β€œSematic gives us unparalleled visibility into our ML pipelines (artifacts, logs, errors, source control, dependency graph, etc.) while keeping the SDK and GUI simple and intuitive.
It provides just the right level of abstraction for ML engineers to focus on business logic and leverage cloud resources without requiring infrastructure skills.
Sematic is the kind of pipelining tool used by ML teams at Uber, now available to Voxel and everyone else.”

Why Sematic?

The easiest pipelining tool on the market

Just simple Python, no infrastructure
skills needed.

Traceability, observability, reproducibility

Get rich insights into inputs, outputs, logs, errors. Rerun pipelines from the UI with cached results.

Local-to-cloud parity

Run your pipelines on your local machine or in a GPU cluster with no
change in code.