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Tuning and Testing Llama 2, FLAN-T5, and GPT-J with LoRA, Sematic, and Gradio

July 18, 2023

Fine-tune FLAN-T5 and GPT-J with Sematic and serve them with Gradio. Read our in-depth article.

How Voxel cut model retraining time by 80%

July 5, 2023

Voxel uses Sematic to increase productivity across their Machine Learning (ML) team and retrain Computer Vision models faster. Sematic enabled Voxel to reduce their model turnaround time from 3 weeks to 3 days at a 20x cost saving.

Release Notes – 0.31.0

June 29, 2023

Read up on what's new in 0.31.0: GitHub integration, real-time metrics, LLM example, and native dependency packaging.

ML Orchestration: Why It's Time to Move Past Airflow

June 22, 2023

While Airflow is a very popular DAG execution tool, it lacks many necessary features to be a suitable ML orchestration platform.

5 Tips to Reduce your ML Cloud Costs

May 19, 2023

Machine Learning workloads can quickly run up your cloud bill. Here are 5 tips to keep it under control.

Release Notes – 0.29.0

May 4, 2023

Read up on the latest new features and improvements. Pipeline metrics, Function timeouts, Kubernetes Pod lifecycle in the UI, and more.

Sematic + Ray: The Best of Orchestration and Distributed Compute at your Fingertips

April 14, 2023

Sematic and Ray combined open a word of possibilities for your ML pipelines. Read up on how to get the best orchestration and distributed compute.

Release Notes – 0.27.0

March 22, 2023

Read up on what we shipped in our latest release. Python 3.10 support, Ray integration, run caching and more.

Getting started with Sematic in 5 minutes

February 27, 2023

Learn how to get started and implement your first Sematic pipeline on your local machine in less than 5 minutes.

Implementing Deep Links in React with Atoms

February 2, 2023

How to restore an application's state from URL hashes for easier bookmarking and sharing.

Release Notes – 0.22.1

January 22, 2023

Read up on what we shipped in 0.22.1. Helm chart, deep links, reruns, and more!

Observability for Machine Learning: what is it and what are the benefits

November 29, 2022

What does observability mean for Machine Learning pipelines?

What is Lineage Tracking in Machine Learning and why you need It

November 28, 2022

We explain what Lineage Tracking is and why it is a requirement for any production-grade ML system.

Sematic raises $3M to build an open-source Continuous Machine Learning platform

November 17, 2022

We are announcing a $3M seed funding round led by Race Capital.

Continuous Learning for safer and better ML models

September 28, 2022

Continuous Learning processes can help ML teams automate regression testing and re-training with new data for greater safety and performance.

What is “production” Machine Learning?

August 16, 2022

What is an ML production system and what guarantees does it come with?

Hello World

July 26, 2022

We are Sematic. We are building open-source ML tools and platforms based on our experience working in the robotaxi industry.

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