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We are Sematic. We are building open-source ML tools and platforms based on our experience working in the robotaxi industry.

July 26, 2022

In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously said β€œSoftware is eating the world”. In 2022, Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science (DS) are devouring it. Robotics, consumer products, transportation, healthcare, etc.; every branch of the economy increasingly uses data to collect insights and make decisions and predictions.

As this revolution happens, the workforce is growing stronger every year with new engineers, scientists, and developers. And yet, the tools currently available to prototype and productionize models are not catching up. They are either too hard to adopt, too generic, too constraining, require too much infrastructure skills, or simply not useful or usable.

Tools such as Ruby on Rails and Heroku enabled generations of web developers to build prototypes into unicorns. Where is that experience for ML/DS development?

Introducing Sematic

‍Sematic is an open-source framework to build and execute Machine Learning and Data Science pipelines.

With easy-as-pie onboarding, Sematic enables ML/DS developers to prototype and productionize pipelines faster in order to focus on data and model insights instead of wasting time on complex infrastructure.

Drawing from years of experience in academia and industry (CERN, Instacart, Cruise), Sematic aims to bring to ML/DS developers an experience that is both delightful and powerful by helping them turn rough Notebook prototypes into fully automated Continuous Learning Machines without the need for extensive infrastructure knowledge, in order to keep models fresh, safe, and relevant as world condition evolve.

We are excited to show you what Sematic can do.

Check out Sematic at and join us on Discord.

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Sematic Raises $3M to Build an Open-Source Continuous Machine Learning Platform

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Prototype to Production ML in days not weeks

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Why Sematic?

The easiest pipelining tool on the market

Just simple Python, no infrastructure
skills needed.

Traceability, observability, reproducibility

Get rich insights into inputs, outputs, logs, errors. Rerun pipelines from the UI with cached results.

Local-to-cloud parity

Run your pipelines on your local machine or in a GPU cluster with no
change in code.